About: Birds


My work is more about birds' color and shape and character. Precision and realism become lost as I focus on color and shape; sometimes the birds grow so large as I work, that I paint part of them off the canvas.  The bird paintings are more expressive, large, bold, distorted and about birds' color and shape and character. 

Birds are enigmatic. They never cease to evoke emotion nor distract. Birds bring  joy, reverie, and awe.  Songbirds' unique color, size variations, playfulness, communication, songs and calls, acrobatics, and movements are all captivating. It's easy to have great admiration for the birds of prey, because of their role in nature, their regal and fierce behaviors, flight maneuvers and speed, primal sounds, communication, and survival skills. 

My love for nature, passion for the water and mountains, and interest in multi- cultural art and expression influence both my subject matter (ie birds) and style. My artistic passion is in painting with oil sticks and acrylics and printmaking  (intaglio, monoprint, and woodcut), because I can work expressively.