About: Wet Women™


I created WET WOMEN, LLC in 2004, while living on Maui. WET WOMEN is about supporting, motivating, advocating, and promoting women in all water sports across the world ! I created artwork both for and inspired by WET WOMEN™ and Wet Women Surf Wax™. I created original woodcuts, paintings, linocuts, and giclees and continue to include both names (with their original spirit and intention) in personal art and the Coastal Sol™ collection.


The general concept and marketing from previous website banner and page images and videos:  


Wet Women  is an international community of women, which participates in, celebrates, advocates, and supports women in water sports. Wet Women has designed and sold women's clothing and eco-savvy products for women in water sports, including beach wear, casual wear and a biodegradable surf wax (a cradle to cradle product rather than a cradle to grave product that was viably and scientifically certified by MBDC 2006-2013). 

The goal with Wet Women has been to create an online space or portal for news, forums, blogging, photos, sport and travel stories and articles, sports and travel via video space to inspire, advocate, motivate and promote women in water sports. Wet Women has participated in supporting contests/events over the years, awarding its products as prizes such as the WET WOMEN SURF WAX , rash guards, tee shirts, tanks and sweatshirts.



My inspiration for Wet Women began while living on Maui:

My love for the water and concern for the environment, inspired Wet Women to create a new concept surf wax - one that is designed to be harmless to the water and its inhabitants, the beaches, and the humans using it. I decided to participate in a revolutionary way of creating a surf wax that would be nontoxic, biodegradable, and compostable to the air, soil, and water- and thus - WET WOMEN SURF WAX was born!


FORMER PRODUCT:  WET WOMEN SURF WAX and its description:

Wet Women Surf Wax is a CRADLE TO CRADLE™ Biological Nutrient Certified Product, as determined by MBDC. It has been evaluated for its human health, environmental health, and compostability against stringent certification criteria and is considered an ecologically intelligent product.

All ingredients in our Wet Women Surf Wax are safe biological nutrients. They entirely break down and return to nature safely over time- some ingredients are more readily broken down than others in the wax's life cycle. This has been scientifically backed by the scientific criteria determined by MBDC. (MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry, LLC : the noted scientific testing authority on environmental Cradle to Cradle™ certification)

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