• About: 'Pink Sail Studio' name and 'Pink' the color

    ‘Pink Sail’ and my logo derive from my passion for windsurfing.  As a young girl, other than pink found in the nature and wildlife, I loathed what it represented to me. In my tomboy childhood, wearing pink was not an option- nor was owning Barbie; but as I grew older, I embraced pink, dropping my aversion to it and the stigma of it somehow making girls weak or too feminine.  The evolution of using pink in ‘gear’ and hard goods in the windsurfing, sailing, surfing industries,  carried a unique new power, strength, beauty, authenticity and joy to me, helping me drop my old rebuff of pink. During my 6 years on Maui, I always wanted a PINK sail for myself and Wet Women, and  I enjoy using pink in areas of my artistic subject matter and for marketing certain products. Therefore, I created the name PINK SAIL STUDIO. 

  • Morgan Fisher, Owner

    I studied liberal arts and visual arts at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon and completed my art degree at the University of Utah with a BFA in painting.  My love for nature, passion for the water and mountains, and interest in multi-cultural art and expression influence both my subject matter and style. My artistic passion is in painting, oil sticks, printmaking  (intaglio, monoprint, and woodcut) - because I can work expressively.  For five years I painted and worked from home studio and the University of Utah printmaking and painting studios.  For nearly six years I worked both out of my home studio and in the print shop at the Hui  No'eau in Maui, HI. Since 2007 my son and I live in northern Michigan where I work and create art out of our home. I created Pink Sail Studio (water, wave and wind inspired!) in 2018.

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  • In 2013, I had Quatro build me another custom wave board, on which they were kind enough to utilize some pink, mixing in a bit of my Wet Women graphics and colors with their's. I Love this board. 


  Through Pink Sail Studio, I sell some of the items I created for and out of inspiration of Wet Women, LLC and Wet Women Surf Wax™.  Pink Sail Studio is a name and space for me to continue to artistically express and represent that lifestyle and bold spirit of Wet Women and Coastal Sol™ and to inspire other artistic subject matter, about which I'm very passionate.


The inspiration to WET WOMEN and PINK SAIL STUDIO… 

old but fun wave sailing videos from Maui:
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Oh, I've become more accepting of Barbie these days. I no longer spurn her; she apparently even windsurfs!