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Morgan Fisher woodcuts: large, bold, expressive subject matter including birds, animals, nature, and figures in motion, that are often semi-distorted and/or foreshortened. Through the size, shape, and vibrant bold color, she works to portray the huge presence or individual personalities she sees in the subject matter.

 WOODCUTS: In creating original woodcuts, I first roughly draw and color the images (in different media) on the wood and then let the process and spontaneity of cutting take over in completing them. Often an entirely new energy of an image develops from the cutting than that which I often began drawing, as an underpainting might do for a painter’s finished product. These are Japanese-style woodcuts that are hand-rubbed, using relief water-soluble inks on Japanese Kozo papers. Cutting these large images on such large blocks and printing Japanese-style, require intense intense physical exertion and lots of time and space. My mind is forced to be quiet while so physically exerted and focused. 

When working on these woodblocks, I feel and think about what Japanese woodblock artist Shiko Munakata says about his work:" The mind goes and the tool walks alone." 



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